Traditional education, which is mainly based on evaluating theoretical content at the end of a course, is not in keeping with the skillset we require in the twenty-first century. Today, we need creative and innovative individuals who can think critically, who are capable of learning to learn, and who have complex problem-solving skills. We need people who can work collaboratively using transdisciplinary communication skills. We need citizens who are aware of local needs but have a global vision. They must make decisions not only based on their own well-being, but also in the best interests of the community and the planet. They must understand that the solution requires a balance.

People can acquire these skills through design thinking, which builds the learning process by carrying out projects, and theorizes based on set challenges. Biodesign for High Schools is a pedagogical proposal that combines scientific topics with a creative approach; it offers a plethora of possibilities to prepare future high school graduates to respond to the needs of today’s world.

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