Diseño en movimiento Andando 2022

Seaponji is a buoy that eases the negative impacts of the chemicals substances of sunscreen spilled in the sea. This buoy uses a nano filter mechanism inspired by the membrane function of the leucon sponges that filters harmful chemicals, such as Benzophenone, which is released by sunscreen and other type of cosmetics on beaches around the world. This project was made for Biodesign Challenge 2021.

  • María Camila Avendaño
    María Paula Rivero
    Mariana Ramírez Toro
    Mayerlin Sánchez
    Nicole Bastidas
    Valentina Zapata
  • Estudio 7: Biodesign Challenge Curso
  • Giovanna Danies
    Carolina Obregón
    Nicolas Fernandez

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