Universidad de los Andes Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño


Monika Bielskyte . Lituania
23, 26 y 30 de enero . 2 de febrero
Salón S1-201

A workshop at the intersection point between creative & technological design to explore the possibility space of immersive media (AR/VR/MR). We will not just learn about the best practices of today, but will create & prototype a conceptual+visual idea of the virtual experience that endeavours to connect unique cultural identities in the context of sci fi world design.

· Introduction into the cutting edge of creativity within today’s virtual, augmented & mixed reality content arena.
· Exploration of the bleeding edge of technological possibilities & scientific developments of the immersive media space & the adjacent disciplines (artificial intelligence, robotics, wearables, neuroscience, biofeedback) looking 3-7 years into the future.
· World design workshop – research, concept, treatment & visual identity development to create content natively thought for the immersive media.
· Rethinking cultural diversity in the content of Sci Fi.

Topics: AR, VR, MR / World design & design fiction / Future of storytelling
Future of education / Future of communication

VR experience concept + treatment + moodboard + design elements.